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Moveo in Brief
We have created the first outdoor interactive playground!

Moveo presents the first interactive outdoor playground through a simple and innovative approach using children's enthusiasm for virtual world in favor of their outdoor activities! MOVEO merges the virtual world with activities in the nature and gets your children excited about a nice Sunday stroll and motivates them to play with their peers on the playground thereby giving them a healthy option for developing their motor skills and releasing the hormones of happiness.
MOVEO develops interactive playgrounds which are composed of smart sensors that connect to smart phone and serve as a platform for a video game in the nature. In our mobile game, a kind character motivates children to play, shows them exercises to be done for getting the rewards and leads them through a virtual maze. The interactive environment and the possibility to dress up the personalized "buddy" makes children love to return to our game.

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  • #2 FUN

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Our team

Andrej Strojin
Kaja Travnik
Legal and Marketing
Jože Mohorič
Marko Horvat
Product Management
Jure Šuln
Art and Design
Tilen Travnik
Technology advisor
Andrej Slapnik
Mobile development advisor

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